May 14th, 2010

That's it, I am disowning NBC. Sure, they renewed Chuck and have already ordered six new series for fall and it's not even upfronts week yet, but do you know what else they did? They canceled Law and Order, while simultaneously greenlighting another L&O spinoff! L&O is going to tie with Gunsmoke for longest-running series, not beat it. Oh, and they also canceled Heroes, but let's face it -- the first season was amazing, but everything else turned to shit.

Upfronts next week don't look quite as terrifyingly overwhelming as they did last year. Lot of stuff already got canceled/ended/renewed so I can avoid fan fervor and "save our show" campaigns. Though this year's list of series ordered so far, quite frankly, is disappointing. Some of them just sound stupid. I'll be canceling half of them before next season is half over, you watch and see if I don't.