Sep. 26th, 2010

Premiere week went pretty well, I think. Every year's going to have some hits and misses -- when I find out who gave the greenlight to that Shit My Dad Says show, they'll consider themselves lucky if they can find work as a caterer in this business again. Who the fuck thinks modeling a show off a Twitter is a good idea? And I would lament Shatner's involvement with it, but I gave up on that man a long time ago. Most of the new network fodder will be canned by midseason, some might get a full season, but in the end it's the old favorites everyone's returning to. And even those aren't pulling the numbers they used to.

It's the death of the Big Four's network superiority as we knew it, really. All the best shows, the ones that win Emmys, are on cable networks. AMC, Showtime, HBO -- that's where you find shows worth watching. Quality writing, directing, acting, everything. The major four are trying to mass-produce shows they think Middle America's Average Joe will watch and enjoy, and in their rush to do so all they're coming up with is drivel.

Which is really depressing, given that I've been working for one or another of those networks since their creation. But if quality television is moving elsewhere, then I suppose it makes sense for me to follow. Maybe I'll take a job more involved with production this time; being an executive is boring as fuck. I want to get my hands on the camera again!

May. 4th, 2010

LOST tonight was intense. I love a good emotional roller-coaster jaw-dropper episode like that! Plus, when the viewing base pretty much exploded after a certain scene? Total head rush, practically a fucking high. And just think, there's another episode and then the two and a half hour finale (the episode just got extended by 30 minutes, running from 9 to 11:30 on May 23rd, fuck yes)! I don't know how the fans will survive.

[OOC: To save everyone time and headaches now, I will warn you that there is a definite possibility that THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS for tonight's episode of Lost, 6.14, "The Candidate." I left the post vague so nobody would be spoiled, but if you click on this post and you haven't seen the episode yet but happen to read potential spoilers in the comments here, on your own silly head be it! You were warned in advance. I need to talk about that episode with somebody, nobody I know watches it and that was intense!]

Apr. 29th, 2010

May sweeps started today! I love the sweeps, always so informative. Let's see if American Idol can keep up as reigning champ of the ratings, as it has every season since 2004! And when this is done, I have upfronts. Technically they started in March, but I don't have the time to go to every single upfront (nor do I particularly feel like wasting my time at, say, the Cartoon Network meeting. Cartoon Network makes cartoons, end of meeting). I'll go to the meetings for ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. Maybe TNT/TBS if I can find the time. I like what they've been doing lately.

And no, I'm still not taking sides on the O'Brien/Leno debate. Conan got to do his interview finally and will be back on the air soon, Leno's got his show again, and the continuing drama makes for damn fine television. I see no reason to intervene, do you? It's so entertaining! The masses want entertainment, and if a catfight between a ginger and a giant chin is what entertains them, then by all means let the circus continue.